There’s nothing quite like beautifully composed aromas to uplift your mood, soothe your mind and form a comforting blanket around you. Just like freshly baked bread, the aroma fills your home with a warm, homely feeling. Or the smell of smoke and burning oak on a log fire during a winter’s evening. The scents are both familiar and comforting that remind you of joyful memories.
Scent is powerful. During the day we encounter numerous smells whether that’s the smell of our morning coffee, the perfume of a friend, flowers in the park, or smoke from a fire in the evening. Our sense of smell is extraordinary and has the ability to evoke deep emotions. As a human, our sense of smell is one of our greatest abilities but we don’t always appreciate it.
Aromas affect our environment. If you take a moment to stop and listen to your senses you will notice how smells change throughout the day. Furthermore, you’ll become more aware of the feelings these scents give you. Many of us certainly don’t consider how much of a positive impact scents can have on our lives.
That is why we’ve created the PEACE OF ME LONDON Cosy Collection.  Certain scents in your home can have a positive impact on your wellbeing and mood. Hence why we’ve developed a series of scents to take you on a sensational journey throughout your day. 
We have a morning scent, mid-day scent and an evening scent.
A refreshing + light, floral aroma.
We want you to feel uplifted when you start each day, so we’ve formulated TWILIGHT to do exactly that. The relaxing blend of lily, ylang ylang and jasmine with uplifting notes of peach and musk fill your home with a refreshing, calming fragrance. 

Set yourself up for the day with this floral scent. Simply light your candle in the morning when you’re getting dressed or preparing breakfast to surround yourself in the aroma of TWILIGHT.
Enjoy the sweet tones of BLUEBERRY + VANILLA during the day. Boasting notes of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant. The fruity scent surrounds you with the feeling of a warm summer day, to uplift your spirit and boost your mood. 
Whether you use BLUEBERRY + VANILLA in your home office, while you’re doing house work, or while reading your favourite book you’ll feel relaxed with improved positivity.
End your day with the popular masculine scent of TOBACCO + OAK. A warm, woody accord of strong, smoky tobacco and dusty oak. The scent has top notes of leather, spice and musk to fill your home with a romantic, evening fragrance. 
Indulge your senses and unwind after a long day with our evening scent.
Our homes are our safe space, where we re-energise and heal. So our homes should be filled with things that bring us closer to nature, that ground us and inspire us. Things that inspire our senses create a holistic approach to enhancing our mood. That’s why we’ve created our new collection.
For each fragrance we have a selection of candles and snap bars. All our candles and snap bars are hand poured, with love, in London. We only use eco-friendly products, and our candles and snap bars are made from plant-based soya wax. 
Our candles come in sizes: 9cl, 20cl, 30cl and 50cl.
We used natural soya wax as it is sustainable, biodegradable, cruelty-free, and vegan friendly - additionally it’s made here in the UK.

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